Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Full 1.0 Version of QRSms(changing name to Messaging MU)

QRSms is being renamed to Messaging MU(More Useful) as QRSms name has some conflicts with other apps name.
A new version of QRSms(Messaging MU) is being ready to publish on market,
newly added features are
1) Personalized notifications
2) SMS scheduler/repeater
3) Post incoming/existing sms to facebook, blogger, twitter and some more destinations
4) A great new feature is SMS language library will be added with dictionary to search and
meaning of word for incoming sms, this feature will help you to reduce cost of sms by abbreviating sms text and making it as small as possible.
5) Some much more useful widgets will be added such as Priority Inbox widget for sms which will show sms texts from people who are more important to you.
Some quick send sms widgets will help you one click send sms.
6) I am struggling with Photoshop to include some great themes but has to work a lot for that, if there is any interested designer please contact me on my mail id.
Update will be released soon.. so stay tuned...

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